Deans of Chapel

Originally Trinity had a single Dean, who was responsible for both the Chapel and the conduct of members of College.  The job was divided in 1923, when the post of Dean of Chapel, a Fellow in Holy Orders, became separate from that of the Dean of College.  Confusingly, both are sometimes referred to as ‘Dean’.

Hugh Fraser Stewart (1863-1948) 1923-1943
John Burnaby (c. 1890-1978) 1943-1958
Harry Abbott Williams (10 May 1919 - 30 January 2006) 1958-1969
John Arthur Thomas Robinson (1919-1983) 1969-1983
John Westerdale Bowker (b. 1935) 1984-1991
Dr Alan Geoffrey Weeds (Acting Dean) 1991-1992
Dr Arnold Samuel Browne (b. 1950) 1992-2006
Dr Michael Charles Banner 2006-