Trinity College Chapel was built during the reigns of Mary and Elizabeth I, and was intended to be the place where the Master, Fellows and Scholars of the College made their daily acts of worship, as an integral part of their life and study.

Today, its purpose remains the same. The Chapel is used by members of Trinity College and visitors as a place of prayer, and the community drawn together through Chapel worship and work is vibrant and diverse. The building is also used for formal ceremonies and events within College and serves as a fine venue for musical performance.

The Chapel’s prominent physical position within the College speaks of its significant contribution to the life of all who learn, work and teach in the College.  You are most welcome to visit the Chapel and to join in its round of prayer and worship. The Chapel is normally open whenever the College itself is open to the public.

O! Chara ante alias magnorum nomine Regum
Digna Domus!  Trini nomine digna Dei!
Abraham Cowley, Trinity alumnus


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