Hubert Stanley Middleton


1890-1959. Organist & Lecturer in Music. MiddletonOrganist & Master at Truro and Ely.

Middleton was born in Windsor and educated at the Imperial Services College, Windsor, where he caught the eye of Sir Walter Parratt, who gave him organ lessons. Thence he went up to Peterhouse in Cambridge, where he read for the History tripos. He was elected an external Fellow of his College and was for some time organist at Truro Cathedral. From 1926 to 1931 he was organist and choirmaster at Ely Cathedral. In the latter year he was appointed Organist and Director of Studies in Music at Trinity College, finally being appointed a Fellow in 1946. Middleton also held a post as a Lecturer in Music at Cambridge University. In this role he spent the wartime years working towards a syllabus for the Music tripos which was established in 1945. Hubert Middleton was elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music in 1928 and between 1945 and 1946 worked for the British Educational Section in Berlin.

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Memorial inscription Translation


Coll. Diui Petri discipulus et socius, aliquamdiu
apud Ecclesiam Truronensem deinde Eliensem
postremo Coll. nostri per XXVII annos Organista,
eiusdem per XIII socius, musicae tam intra quam
extra Academia fautor, doctrina ac studio parem
suae inter ceteras artes honorem uindicauit.
Obiit a.s.MCMLIX aetatis suae LXX

Hubert Stanley Middleton, Mus.D., was a Scholar and Fellow of Peterhouse, then Organist of Truro, Ely Cathedral and finally, for twenty-eight years, of Trinity; he was a Fellow of the College for thirteen years.  He supported music both within and outside the University.  Through his learning and industry he gained equal recognition for music amongst the other arts.  He died in 1959 at the age of sixty-nine.

Hubert Stanley Middleton

Brass located on the north wall of the Ante-Chapel. 
Inscription text by John Burnaby.


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