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Romsey MillRomsey Mill is an award-winning Cambridge-based charity. Their mission is to create opportunities with young people, children and families to overcome disadvantage, promote inclusion, and develop personal, social, and spiritual well-being.

They work with over 3,500 people each year in programmes for young parents, young people on the margins of society who may be involved in offending, young people struggling in mainstream education, and families with pre-school children.  Since their work is pastorally sensitive, long-term, and relational, volunteers should expect to give at least a couple of hours a week over a term.  Alternatively, volunteers can offer occasional time to help with administration and fundraising.

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Romsey Mill have a variety of programmes, including

  • Young mothers and fathers, through the Young Parents Programme

  • Young people on the margins of society who may be involved in offending, through the Social Inclusion Programme

  • Young people struggling to engage fully with education, through the Alternative Education Programme

  • Families with pre-school children, through the Children’s Centre and Playgroup

  • Young people with an autistic spectrum condition who have few social opportunities, through the Aspire Programme

  • Young people struggling to make a positive transfer to secondary school at age 11, through the Transitions Programme.


Romsey Mill have a Christian ethos underpinning their values and exist to serve all young people and families, regardless of their own position concerning faith. They employ some staff, and welcome many volunteers, who would not necessarily identify themselves as Christians. Their Christian ethos is principally worked out through social action.

Contact the Co-ordinator for Trinity Engage to explore how to give time at Romsey Mill.


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