Chaplains of Trinity College


Trinity College has two Chaplains, who take responsibility for the pastoral care of members of College, as well as leading daily worship and running groups and activities.  The Chaplains are available at all times to meet with students, and can also regularly be found in their rooms during their office hours, or at other times by appointment.


Andrew Bowyer

Andrew became a Chaplain at Trinity College in April 2015.  Raised in Melbourne, Australia, he completed degrees in Business Administration, Philosophy and Theology, before coming to the United Kingdom for doctoral studies at the University of Edinburgh.  He is currently undertaking counselling training at the University of London.  Andrew was ordained in the Anglican Church of Australia and has since taken up parish roles in rural New South Wales, central Sydney and Edinburgh.  In addition to welcoming people to Chapel services, he is keen to offer friendly support to all College members regardless of religious affiliation, and also to work with other pastoral care providers in College to help those facing particular difficulties.

Andrew Bowyer

The Revd Andrew Bowyer
F2 Whewell’s Court

(01223) 766327
Drop-in Hours: Monday-Thursday, 11.30am-12.30pm


Kirsty Ross

Kirsty was appointed Chaplain at Trinity College in 2015. She was raised in a small village near Salisbury and moved to Australia at 18 where she worked in a large girls' boarding school before completing her undergraduate studies in Theology at Trinity College, Melbourne.  Returning to the UK, Kirsty undertook further studies in theology at Ripon College Cuddesdon, while also completing a teaching degree at The Queen's College, Oxford. In addition to her Chaplaincy role, Kirsty is a Vocations Advisor for the Diocese of Ely, a Governor of two schools (one primary and one secondary), and is currently undertaking counselling training at the University of Cambridge . Kirsty is happy to talk to any member of Trinity who wants support, guidance, or just to chat. She holds daily 'drop in times' in her office (M6 Blue Boar) and can also be found at the many events listed on the Chapel term card. Kirsty is married to Alex, Associate Dean of Emmanuel College, and they have two young children.

Kirsty Ross

The Revd Kirsty Ross
M6 Blue Boar Court
(01223) 338472
Drop-in Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 3.00-4.00pm



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