Chaplains of Trinity College


Trinity College has two Chaplains, who take responsibility for the pastoral care of members of College, as well as leading daily worship and running groups and activities.  The Chaplains are available at all times to meet with students, and can also regularly be found in their rooms during their office hours, or at other times by appointment.


John Summers

Having read law at Oxford and Cambridge, John practised as a chancery barrister in London for 8 years before ordination, and served his curacy in rural West Dorset.

John is available to all members of college for friendly and compassionate support, as well as to anyone who simply wants to chat, irrespective of religious persuasions (or lack of them). He works closely with the welfare team in college and can assist anybody who needs guidance about the help available.

John is also delighted to talk to anybody who would like to discuss issues in spiritual life, whether Christian or not.  

John Summers

The Revd John Summers
F2 Whewell’s Court

(01223) 766327

Drop in hours: Monday to Thursday 1.30-2.30pm


Olga Fabrikant-Burke

Born and bred in the bustling and cosmopolitan city of Moscow, Olga moved to Cambridge to read theology at Corpus Christi College and train for Anglican ordination at Ridley Hall. After completing her BA and MPhil, she came to Trinity to pursue a PhD in Old Testament studies as a Gates Cambridge Scholar.

Olga will be glad to talk to any member of the College community, regardless of their religious beliefs, on any matter of faith and life. Olga welcomes the opportunity to get to know people deeply and individually, and is available to meet to discuss emotional, psychological, and physical well-being. She can lend a listening ear and provide friendly support and encouragement in difficult times. Olga is also here to accompany members of Trinity on their spiritual journeys.

Her husband, Simeon, has a PhD in Early Christianity and currently works in research development at the University. They are resident in College. Alas, her interests do not always make for easy-going conversation at the dinner table: politics and religion.

Olga Fabrikant-Burke
The Revd Olga Fabrikant-Burke
M6 Blue Boar

(01223) 338472

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