John Beaumont


Died 1565.  The earliest burial in the Chapel.  Canon of Westminster.  Brother of Robert Beaumont, Master.

Tombstone inscription Translation
vixit ut hic socius iusta cum laude bonorum
Johannes Beaumont, Scripturæ preco fidelis
sic vitæ tenuit moribundum certa futuræ spes:
animam Christus cepit, lapis hic tegit ossa.
obijt sexto Junij. 1565


John Beaumont, Fellow, a Fellow and faithful preacher of the scriptures.  As he lived with the deserved praise of the good, so he died in the sure hope of eternal life.  Christ received his soul and this stone covers his bones.  He died on 6th June 1565.

John BeaumontJohn Beaumont brass.  Click for enlarged view

Buried in the Ante-Chapel.



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