William Drury


Died 1713.

Minor Fellow 1685; Major Fellow 1686; Senior Proctor.  Made a long affidavit against the Master, Dr Bentley.

The following was pinned on his funeral pall, assumed to be by Richard Walker, later Vice-Master:

Upon Mr. Drury's death.

Say, Reverend shade, what can thy labours boast,
With all thy tedious hours in study lost?
If in one moment envious fate destroys
All that youth hoped for, or that age enjoys?
Why do we grieve then at the fate of man?
Weep to behold a carcasse pale and wan?
Languid and chang'd? vain were a sigh or tear,
Did not the hoary reverend man appear,
And strike our fancys with an awfull fear.

Hail, pious shade! never shall time deface
Thy steady virtue's everlasting praise.
The same that warm'd immortall Cato's breast,
Like his was thine admir'd, like his opprest.
Like Cato fighting for his country's laws,
You stood our patriot and espous'd our cause.
As when Rome's last effort was to be try'd,
She felt her greatest losse, her Cato dy'd;
So too for you untimely lost we mourn,
Only with empty praise your herse adorn.

Untimely fate! the next revolving moon
STATUTES and LIBERTYS restor'd had shown.
That news had eas'd the bitter pangs of death,
And giv'n new vigour to thy parting breath.
One month! - with double pleasure you had dy'd,
And cry'd with Cato, Gods, I'me satisfy'd.

O for a gracious angel to inspire
My song, exalted with the Heavenly fire!
My ravish'd fancy I would raise, I'de fly
Tracing the new-blest saint i' th' yeilding sky.
I'de keep the lovely object still in view,
From seats of blisse to seats of blisse persue.
There should I see, in admiration lost,
Contending saints, which should applaud him most.
Now should I stop, enamour'd of the sight,
Then rise with double vigour to the flight.
Th' illustrious shade thus happy would I trace,
And think myself most blest, when most I sing his praise.



Tombstone inscription Translation

W.D. M.A. SOC.

OBIIT NOV. 8. A.D. 1713
William Drury, M.A., Fellow, died on 8th November 1713.

William Drury Drury tomb.  Click for enlarged view

Buried in the Ante-Chapel.



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