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Trinity in Camberwell is the focus of Trinity’s charitable and outreach work.

Set up by Fellows in Victorian times as a mission in the parish of St. George’s Camberwell, the charity has been has been supported by Trinity students, staff, Fellows and alumni ever since.

Today the area remains one of the 5% most deprived areas in the country. ‘Trinity in Camberwell’, as the charity is now known, runs a community centre (Trinity College Centre) which opened in 1982. The Centre is used seven days a week by a variety of different groups, including a pre-school, an after school club, a group working with teenagers excluded from secondary school, and a club run by and for adults with learning disabilities. As the only community facility in the area, the Centre is also much used by various cultural and religious groups, as well as for family celebrations. The commitment of time and resources by current and past members of the College enables this work to be maintained and developed even in austere times.

Strong personal links are maintained between the College and the Camberwell community through visits by parishioners to Cambridge, and work by our undergraduates helping run a summer holiday scheme in Camberwell. College members, past and present, continue to donate time and money to maintain and expand the vital work of the charity.


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