Trinity Engage: Give Time at Trinity in Camberwell


Camberwell kids in Great CourtTrinity in Camberwell is the historic focus of Trinity College’s charitable and outreach work.  The charity was set up by Fellows in Victorian times as a mission in the parish of St George’s Camberwell; today the area remains one of the 5% most deprived areas in the country. 

Strong personal links are maintained between the College and the Camberwell community both through visits by Camberwell residents to Cambridge, and also through work by undergraduates who run a week-long programme of activities and trips for Camberwell teenagers around London in the Summer Holiday Scheme.  In turn, teenagers from Camberwell visit Trinity yearly and are shown around College by junior members in order to raise aspirations and inspire disadvantaged teenagers to apply to university.  Get involved with any or all of these projects over the course of the academic year, as time permits.

For more information, see the Trinity in Camberwell web pages.

Contact the Co-ordinator for Trinity Engage to explore how to give time at Trinity in Camberwell.


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