Hugh McLeod Innes


1862-1944.  Classicist; Junior and Senior Bursar.  His maxim was: Innes“A Bursar should draw up his accounts so that only those who have the right should understand them”.

He was born in India, where his father John James McLeod Innes, a lieutenant in the Bengal Engineers, won a Victoria Cross in the Indian Mutiny.  Hugh's son Patrick won a History Scholarship to Trinity in 1915 but was killed in action in 1917; he is commemorated in St Paul's Church, Cambridge.

In 1941 H. McLeod Innes published Fellows of Trinity College, which lists the Fellows up until 1940. Fellows who entered the College before 1561 are divided between those named in the Charter of Foundation and some fifty others known to be Fellows but not named in the Charter. Fellows who entered the College from 1561 onwards are listed in chronological order, as found in the books of Admissions of Masters Fellows Scholars and Officers. The text also contains a historical introduction and notes on particular Fellows.

He also published On the Universal and Particular in Aristotle's Theory of Knowledge: A Dissertation Written for the Fellowships at Trinity College (Cambridge, 1886).

Memorial inscription Translation


collegii plus quam L annos socius, thesaurarius
per IV annos iunior per XXXVI senior rem nostram
contractiorem invenit confirmatam reliquit.
Scotus patriis imbutus virtutibus, in deliberando
cautus in agendo pertinax, amicitiam universam
fide ac comitate unice meritus
obiit A.D. III ID. IVL. A.S. MCMXLIV aetatis suae LXXXIII.

For more than fifty years Fellow of the College, Hugh McLeod Innes was Junior Bursar for four years and Senior Bursar for thirty-six years.  He found our finances straitened and left them strengthened. 
A Scot, he possessed the characteristic virtues of his country, being cautious in decision but pertinacious in action.  He earned to an unusual degree the friendship and respect of all.  He died on 13th July 1944 at the age of eighty-two.

Hugh McLeod Innes

Brass located on the south wall of the Ante-Chapel. 
Memorial text by John Burnaby.



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