Denis L'Isle


Died 1727.

LL.B. Proctor in the courts of the Chancellor of the University and the Bishop of Ely.  A pupil of Edward Rud. Auditor and Registrar of Trinity, 1718.  Ex St John’s and Trinity Hall.

Tombstone inscription Translation

Hic Jacet

Dionysius L’Isle LL.B.

In Curijs Episcopi Eliensis, et
Procancellarij Acad. Cant. Procurator
Coll. SS. Trin. Auditor et Registrarius &c.
Vir Ingenij Vi et Laboris Patientia, Insignis.  Iuris Civilis et Communis peritissimus Integritate et Amicitia nemini Secundus, Miseris, Præsidium; Suis, Decus.
Ob. Die 2DO Iunij Anno. sal. 1727 ætatis. 39
Here lies Denis L’Isle, LL.B., who was Proctor to the courts of the Bishop of Ely and of the Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University, and Auditor, Registrar etc. of the College. He was famous for his force of character and endurance of toil.  He was very learned in civil and common law, and was second to none in integrity and friendship.  Protector of the weak and an ornament to his friends and family, he died on 2nd June 1727 at the age of thirty-eight.

Denis L'Isle L'Isle tomb.  Click for enlarged view

Buried in the Ante-Chapel.



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