The Chapel Windows


Chapel North Side, Window II

The Ante-Nicene Church

Window North II upper
1 S. CLEMENS ROM. Clemens Romanus, Pope Clement the First, died circa 100
2 S. IGNATIUS Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, died 107
3 S. JUSTINUS MAR. Justin Martyr, died 165
4 S. PANTÆNUS Pantænus, president of the Alexandrian School, died circa 216
5 S. PERPETUA Perpetua, martyr of Carthage, died 202
6 TERTULLIANUS Tertullian, ‘the Father of Latin Christianity’, died circa 220
7 ORIGENES Origen, scholar and father of the Church, died 253
8 S. CYPRIANUS Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage, died 258
    Window North II lower


Given by the Revd William George Clark, Fellow 1844.


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