The Chapel Windows


Chapel North Side, Window IV


Latin Christianity


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Window North IV upper
1 IMP. CAROLUS M. Charles the Great (Charlemagne), Emperor, died 814
2 THOMAS AQUINAS Thomas Aquinas (Doctor Angelicus), died 1274
3  LUDOVICUS IX Louis the Ninth, King of France 1226-1270
4 DANTES ALLIGH Dante, poet, died 1321
5 COLUMBANUS Columban, founder of the Monasteries of Luxeuil and Bobbio, died 615
6 GREGORIUS VII Pope Gregory the Seventh, died 1085
7 FRANCISCUS ASSIS Francis of Assisi, founder of the Franciscan Order, died 1226
8 GIOTTUS Giotto, painter, died 1336
    Window North IV lower

Given by the Revd Coutts Trotter, Fellow 1861.


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