The Chapel Windows


Chapel North Side, Window V

English Ecclesiastical Life before the Reformation


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Window North V upper
1 LANFRANCUS ARCHIEP. CANT Lanfranc, Archbishop of Canterbury, died 1089
2 ANSELMUS ARCHIEP. CANT. Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury, died 1109
3 THOMAS ARCHIEP. CANT. Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury, died 1170
4 STEPHANUS ARCHIEP. CANT. Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury, died 1228
5 HUGO EP. LINCOLN Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Lincoln, died 1253
6 ROBERTUS EP. LINCOLN Pope Gregory the Seventh, died 1085
7 GULIELMUS EP. WINTON William of Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester; died 1404
8 WOLSEY CARDINALIS Cardinal Wolsey, Lord Chancellor to Henry VIII; died 1530
    Window North V lower

Given by Augustus Arthur VanSittart, Fellow 1848.


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