The Chapel Windows



Chapel South Side, Window IV

The Anglo-Saxon Church


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Window South IV upper
1 ALBANUS MARTYR Alban, protomartyr of Britain; died 303
2 AUGUSTINUS ARCH. CANT. Augustine, first Archbishop of Canterbury; died 607
Bertha, Queen of Kent; died circa 600
Theodore of Tarsus, Archbishop of Canterbury, died 690
5 BONAFACIUS AP. GER. Boniface, 'apostle of Germany', Bishop of Mainz; patron saint of Germany; died 755
6 BEDA VENERABILIS The Venerable Bede, Anglo-Saxon scholar, 'the father of English history'; died 735
7 ALCUINUS Alcuin, disciple of Bede, Abbot of Tours; died 804
8 ALFREDUS REX Alfred the Great, King of England; died 901
    Window South IV lower


Given by Mrs Mathison, in memory of the Revd William Collings Mathison, Fellow 1840.


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