The Chapel Windows


Chapel North Side, Window III

The Western Church

Window North III upper
1 S. AMBROSIUS Ambrose, Bishop of Milan; died 397
2 S. HIERONYMUS Jerome, translator of the Vulgate; died 420
3 S. MONNICA Monica, mother of Augustine, died circa 387
4 S. AUGUSTINUS HIP. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, died 430
5 S. MARTIN TUR. Martin, Bishop of Tours, died 397
6 S. LEO MAGNUS Leo the Great, Pope Leo the First, died 461
7 S. BENEDICTUS Benedict, founder of the Benedictine Order, died 543
8 S. GREGORIUS M. Gregory the Great, Pope Gregory the First, died 604
    Window North III lower


Given by the Revd Spencer Mansel, Fellow 1867, in memory of William Lort Mansel, D.D., Master 1798-1820.


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